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Welding Training

Engineering Courses

Course Objective

Upon completion of the course, the participants are expected to gain knowledge
and skills to:
  • Perform SMAW in 1F-4F and 2G positions
  • Perform Gas welding such as; Fillet Weld
  • T-Joint (horizontal and vertical position)
  • Corner Joint (flat and horizontal)
  • Butt Weld (flat and horizontal) positions
  • Lap joint (flat and edge joint position)
  • Pipe Welding; Flat position (1G rolling) and all positions

Content of the Course

  • Shop safety program
  • Process fundamentals
  • Welding terminology
  • Welding and cutting
  • Arc welding machine setting, adjustment, operation and maintenance
  • Oxy-acetylene equipment setting and shutting down
  • Filler metals; selection and identification
  • Causes and cures of common welding defects
  • Types of joints and weld
  • Essential to obtain quality welds
  • Welding position (plate and pipe)
  • Braze and braze welding

Target Groups

Engine Ratings, Deck Ratings and Junior Engineers


8 working days

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