4-Stroke Medium Speed Engines - Distance Learning

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4-Stroke Medium Speed Engines -Distance Learning

Further maximize the learning experience through GigaMare's Flexible Training Delivery

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Course Objective

Enable the trainees to operate and maintain the engine in a safe manner, and to be able to contribute more effectively to the operation of the machinery. The trainees will learn evaluating engine operation parameters and maintenance planning.

Content of the Course

Engine design and function

Engine instrumentation

Start, stop and operation

Engine maintenance schedule

Fuel injection equipment

Function of built-on engine systems

Troubleshooting of the typical operational problems

Flexible Training Delivery

GigaMare’s Engine Room Simulator is used remotely to support achievement of the set Learning Objectives. Each trainee or pair of participants will be using an engine room simulator through GigaMare’s Distance Learning Application.

To further maximize the learning experience, trainees can optionally come for an additional simulation training at GigaMare’s facility; wherein the Full Mission Engine Room Simulator as well as actual hands-on equipment will be used. 


The participants of this training should have basic knowledge of the auxiliary engines, as well as some operational experience.

Target Group

Management / Operational Level Engineers and Ratings, Deck Officers who like to extend their know-how on the ship’s engineering systems


4 working days

Date & Time
April 26, 2021
Start - 9:00 AM
April 29, 2021
End - 4:00 PM Asia/Manila

GigaMare Inc.

+63 47 252 6402

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