Fire Detection System Maintenance and Troubleshooting – Distance Learning

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Fire Detection System Maintenance and Troubleshooting – Distance Learning

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Course Objective

This course will provide shipboard marine engineers, electrical officers, and shore side marine management (at all levels) with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge regarding fire detection system. Participants should be able to interpret and understand the displays on the control panel of the fire detection system. The training will enable them to troubleshoot any alarm or failure of the system, as well as configure and restore the system to its normal operation. Customized module/content of the Fire Detection System Course may be adopted as per customer-specific requirements.

Content of the Course

Theoretical aspects and functionality

Components and sensors

Installation procedures

Operation system

Periodic maintenance and troubleshooting procedures

Sensor replacement and address configuration

Simulator exercises

Flexible Training Delivery

To further maximize the learning experience, practical hands-on application at GigaMare’s training facility is an optional choice. 


The trainees should have a basic knowledge and fundamental practical experience in electrical and electronic systems. Formal theoretical education in marine or electrical and electronics engineering is preferred. Operational experience may be very helpful.

Target Group

Shipboard Marine Engineer, Electrical Officer, and shore side marine management (at all levels). The Fire Detection System course is also suitable for engine personnel representing a support level within shipboard or shore-based environments


2 working days

Date & Time
June 11, 2020
Start - 9:00 AM
June 12, 2020
End - 4:00 PM Asia/Manila

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