‘Every Drop Counts’ (Fuel Efficiency Management)

Total of ten deck and engine officers from BW Maritime Pte. Ltd. finished this week’s Fuel Efficiency Management Course at the GigaMare Inc training campus. The participants interacted on workshops and discussions addressing crucial points for successful SEEMP implementation and monitoring.

Many of our customers are committed to create lasting and positive impact to the world. GigaMare is motivated to deliver training programs with relevant learning objectives which are linked to our customer’s business goals. In this particular course, the gravity of energy efficiency in fleet operation is addressed

BW participants working on their Power Balance analysis

Part of the learning objective is to improve awareness of bridge and engine room practices (contributing to overall vessel efficiency and fuel savings). The importance of department communication is highlighted throughout the course. Inevitably, the cost of fuel is likely to rise in the future. The goal is to promote targeted savings on ship operations annually, thus, resulting to reduction on CO2 emissions. In the training, the crew’s motivation and commitment is discussed as being crucial in creating an energy efficiency culture within the company.

The course was piloted in 2012. Up to date, 800+ deck and engine officers as well as technical and marine superintendents have gone through the program.

Fuel Efficiency Management (Engine Officers)

Fuel Efficiency Management (Deck Officers)