Many of GigaMare’s customers are committed to safeguard the well-being of their clients, employees, and the environment. Indeed, one of the reasons why we make our training as realistic as possible; striving for and delivering training solutions focused to improve human performance.

Hands On Experience Close To Real Working Environment

GigaMare’s hands-on facility is housing several sets of simulators as well as complete cut-away models and shipboard engine parts; aiding the learning process of our trainees. Providing innovative and world class training experience has been at the core heart of our services. At GigaMare, we believe that certain skills may only be learned and retained through hands-on practice. Available engineering equipment at our academy allows participants to practically apply textbook theories by operating, repairing, and maintaining these massive shipboard machines.

GigaMare’s 5 bridge simulators equipped with ECDIS, ARPA, AIS, SAR, MOB operation, tugboat operation, collision and grounding avoidance, GMDSS radio communication simulator, and Liquid Cargo Handling Simulators accurately reflect operations on board tanker vessels. While the company’s realistic ship forward replica promotes safe environment for participants during mooring operation practice.

Marine engineers are offered practical simulations through the company’s Engine Room and Steam Turbine Propulsion Plant Simulators, hands-on applications focused on the operational and troubleshooting aspects of the engine room systems. Further to this, the Crane Simulator is an ideal practice to troubleshoot common operational malfunctions.