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Electro-Technical Officer (ETO) Cadet Program

May 07, 20215 minutes read

Indeed, GigaMare’s ETO program has been and is thriving despite of somewhat challenging times. Past months over 150 ETO cadets have been trained in GigaMare Subic Bay Training Center. Number of companies are having advantage of our Marina Accredited ETO Cadet Program.

We’re very excited how our ETO Cadet Training Program is evolved in past years. We are now offering modern and very detailed program. Now, when Cadets come into our training program, they can expect to experience:

  • Enhanced training program which covers Electronic controlled engines and other new technological requirements,
  • Use of the real equipment for the training, not just laboratory training,
  • Training instructors have real-life ship serving experience and knowledge.

GigaMare Training Center, Subic Bay Freeport Campus, The Philippines

The location of GigaMare Training center is ideal for learning. Away from busy urban areas and surrounded by untouched native jungle guarantees plenty of fresh air and distraction free learning environment. It is not uncommon to see long-tail monkeys roaming around our premises and enjoying the sun. Just a friendly reminder, please don't feed the monkeys, they might become somewhat needy and rather demanding.

Please see campus introduction video to have overall feeling about our beautiful training center.

Program Objective

Employers appreciate our program because participants are well prepared to perform their work tasks. This is due our comprehensive program content covers for example the areas of Electronic controlled engines and other new technological requirements.

Our ETO program covers the mandatory competences and required knowledge, understanding and proficiencies prescribed in Table A-III/6, Section A-III/6 of the STCW Code.

Content of the Program

All participants gain in depth knowledge, useful tips and best practices from our experienced and seagoing pool of instructors who has real life ship background. Further, due our enhanced program content and modern facilities participants readiness to operate different type of vessels is far wider. We have 3 engine room simulators with over 10 ship engine models ready for training.

What comes to mental training aspect, being on board in a real vessel doesn't come as a surprise or shock for our cadets. They are learning what it is be away from friends, family and loved ones. Our stay-in campus accommodation simulates the onboard experience at the sea.

Program Duration

Training duration is 117 days (936 hours or 5.5 months) and theoretical and practical assessment is 12 days (96 hours). Grand total is 1,032 hours or around 6 months.

Program Approval and License

Did you know that GigaMare Inc. is one of the only two accredited Maritime Training Institutions with full course approval pursuant to MARINA Circular No. 2013-01, and STCW Circular No. 2018-02

Inquiries and Joining

You can reduce costs in long run with better running equipment and reduced maintenance and repairs downtime. Training can be tailored to your company particular needs as the additional training requirements can be included.

Contact us to discuss program content and your needs, checking program schedules and participating to our program.