If you need it, we’ll help you design it

We want to create learning programs that link our customer’s business goals with relevant learning objectives. And an important part of this goal is GigaMare’s ability to tailor make courses to fit our client’s specific requirements.

GigaMare offers wide range of training programs including On-Site/On-Board courses and Structured Programs for Cadets. Imagine being able to select and combine specific training modules allowing ultimate customization and development of a learning portfolio for your workforce’s exact needs.


At GigaMare, we value the importance of co-creation with our clients in developing efficient, innovative, and relevant course syllabus. We work closely with our clients in assessing their personnel to determine their skills, competence gaps, and knowledge about the field.

Through GigaMare’s courses, unique hands-on facilities, and pool of world class instructors, we make sure that our course participants get the training they need; thus, strengthening our clients’ workforce competency.