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Electro-Technical Officer Cadet Program

Cadet Programs

Course Objective

This Electro-Technical Officers course covers the mandatory competences and required knowledge, understanding and proficiencies prescribed in Table A-III/6, Section A-III/6 of the STCW Code. This course is designed to enable the trainees to meet and successfully demonstrate the competences required for Electro-Technical Officer.

Content of the Course

Required program modules (15).

  • English Language
  • Ensure Compliance with Pollution Prevention Requirements
  • Leadership and Teamworking Skills
  • Marine Electro Technology
  • Electrical Equipment, Schematics and Safety
  • Electro Pneumatics
  • Electro Hydraulics
  • Instrumentation, Process Control, Alarm and Monitoring Systems
  • Automation, Automatic Control Devices and Technology
  • Ships Communication Systems and Navigation Equipment
  • Marine Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Systems
  • Mechanical Engineering Systems
  • Generators and Distributions Systems
  • Marine High Voltage Systems

Following modules (5) are included GigaMare’s ETO program.

  • Advanced Operation and Maintenance of Navigation Equipment
  • Fire Detection System Troubleshooting and Maintenance
  • Gas Detection System Troubleshooting and Maintenance
  • WINGD RTFlex
  • Generic Electronic Engine (MAN B and W MEC)

Total of 20 modules of training. After training there is theoretical and practical assessment

Entry Standard

  1. Holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in any of the following:
    • Electrical Engineering,
    • Electronics and Communications Engineering,
    • Marine Engineering, or
    • Industrial Technology major in Electrical,
    • Electronics or Instrumentation.
  2. They must be medically fit to enable them to participate in all aspects of the training particularly the practical exercises.


Training duration is 117 days (936 hours or 5.5 months) and theoretical and practical assessment is 12 days (96 hours). Grand total is 1,032 hours or around 6 months.

Course Approval

Gigamare Inc. is one of the two accredited Maritime Training Institutions with full course approval pursuant to MARINA Circular No. 2013-01, and STCW Circular No. 2018-02

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